Real World Research in Hospitality

During the workshop all three Academy of International Hospitality Research professorships will briefly present one of their recent researches.

Professor Lashely (Hospitality studies) will focus on his research aimed at a better understanding of the expected number of visitors for Leeuwarden 2018. His research has direct implications for the number and type of accommodation needed during this major event. 

Porfessor Gehrels (Innovation in Hospitality) will focus on employers’ branding. The title of his presentation is: Exploring the Concept of Employer Branding for the Dutch Hospitality Industry.

Professor Cavagnaro (Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism) will focus on one of the major challenges for sustainable Food & beverage: the fight against food waste. Reducing food waste is wise from a financial perspective, and morally necessary both form a social and environmental perspective. It is therefore a perfect venue to contribute to a more sustainable hospitality. 


Door : Elena Cavagnaro, Professor Conrad Lashley and Dr Sjoerd Gehrles, UAS professor

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